EWS appoints new Chief R&D Officer, strengthens capabilities for today's agricultural challenges

10 August 2021

Katalin Pákozdi, East-West Seed's Chief R&D Officer


Douwe Zijp, East-West Seed CEO:

"East-West Seed is pleased to introduce Katalin Pákozdi who will join us as the Chief R&D Officer and be part of our Managing Board from August 16th, 2021. She is replacing Simon Jan de Hoop.

Katalin held a leadership role at Driscoll’s as the EMEA Plant Breeding Director, with a previous extensive breeding experience in peppers and strawberries. She brings the right experience with her breeding knowledge and background in the vegetable seed and fruit industry. She has a strong understanding of market needs, strategy formulation for the business and expertise in leading teams.

Katalin did postgraduate studies in Japan and the United States. Joining East-West Seed, she will be moving from the UK to Asia with her family and will be based in Chiangmai, Thailand where our main R&D center is located. 

Katalin joining the Managing Board means we have come one step closer to improving gender diversity at the leadership level.

Under Katalin's leadership, the R&D organization will consist of an innovation counsel and the R&D Business Support team, as well as a Group Breeding Manager, Group Biotechnology Manager and Group Pathology Manager. 

From August 16th, 2021 onwards, Simon will be Innovation Counsel for East-West Seed and will continue to support Katalin and the R&D leadership team.

We are thrilled to welcome Katalin to the East-West Seed Managing Board and thankful to Simon for leading our R&D organization for nearly 40 years and contributing to the development of the company."


A message from East-West Seed's Chief R&D Officer

Katalin says: “I am delighted to be joining the passionate and talented team of EWS and look forward to strengthening its R&D capabilities as it faces today’s agricultural challenges. The organization has done a truly inspiring job in the past forty years to develop and promote high quality vegetable seeds and to support, educate and gain trust of smallholder farmers.

This would not have been possible without being humble, learning and understanding the needs of smallholders and continually driving plant breeding and innovation towards varieties that are adopted to the Tropics and met the expectations of farmers. I am honoured to take up the role as Chief R&D Officer, continue driving EWS’ mission forward and develop value added varieties that meet future demands.”

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